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Marine Insurance

Marine insurance can protect your cargo from the obvious potential damage that might come from it being transported (i.e. leakage or it goes down with a sinking ship, or truck/train accident). It also provides protection for your cargo when it’s on the move, from such things as theft or piracy, fire or an explosion, storms and other weather threats that might cause damage while in transit.

A typical Marine Insurance policy may provide cover for:

  • Combined Cargo– This insurance may assist if you are sending or receiving cargo overseas or within Australia. Available for a one-off use, or multi-use over a 12-month period.
  • Home & Contents in Transit– Moving home? Get cover for your contents or other specified goods for loss or damage while it is being moved.
  • Inland Cargo– If you are moving cargo around Australia, this insurance is for owners or the sender or receiver of these goods.