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Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR)

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) Insurance provides cover for high-value assets including property, buildings, materials and machinery against events that may result in significant loss or damage.

An ISR Policy is sometimes referred to as an ‘all-risks’ policy because of its comprehensive coverage and will typically provide cover for:

  • Loss and/or damage to buildings, plant and machinery, stock, contents, raw materials, unregistered vehicles and the property of directors and employees
  • Loss of profits, revenue, or rentals and/or increased expenses caused by damage to the insured property.
  • Loss of profits, income, or rents and/or increased expenses caused by contingent damage to property at the premises of suppliers, customers, and utilities.
  • Burglary, theft of money, and employee dishonesty
  • Accidental damage and glass breakage
  • Please note – additional property policies such as Machinery Breakdown, Marine Transit, Motor, or Fine Arts, to name a few, are often required to supplement an ISR policy.